St. Joseph Church – this weekend after all of the Masses – 10/7 – 10/8.  I plan to be there for all Masses at this time – I need your help!!!!!
The next 2 weekends at Our Lady of Hope Church – after all of the Masses – 10/14-10/15  & 10/21-10/22
The 1/2 way to St. Patrick Party to follow on Thursday, 10/26 starting about 6:30 @ O’Faolain;s
Please help in some way – after a Mass or 2; buying tickets yourself; selling tickets to friends and acquaintance; participating in the Party on 10/26 – but in any event do something to support YOUR Division and OUR raffle/tuition assistance program……..!!!!!!!!!

Calendar of Events – June – October 2017 rev1

CALENDAR OF EVENTS—June – October 2017           

 June 7             Officer Meeting @ O’Faolain’s @ 7 pm

 June 10           AOH State Quarterly – Richmond – Mgsr. Kelly Division

 June 14           June Meeting – 7:30 pm @ Belmont Greene

 July                 No meetings or events scheduled – enjoy your summer with family!

 July 28            Annual Poor Man’s Golf Outing & BBQ – Sterling Park golf Course – 2 to 7:30 pm

 Aug 2              Officer Meeting @ O’Faolain’s @ 7 pm

 Aug 9              August Meeting – 7:30 pm @ Belmont Greene

 Aug 26            Ballyshaner Festival – Alexandria – 10 am to 7 pm

 Sept 6              Officer Meeting @ O’Faolain’s @ 7 pm

 Sept 13            September Meeting – 7:30 pm @ Belmont Greene

 Sept 16-17     Trip to Ireland ticket sales at St. Theresa after all of the Masses

 Sept 22-24      Bi-Annual AOH State Convention – Virginia Beach

 Sept 24 – Oct 2 2017 – Division Trip to Ireland!

 Oct 4               Officer Meeting @ O’Faolain’s @ 7 pm

 Oct 7-8            Trip to Ireland ticket sales at St. Joseph after all of the Masses

 Oct 11             October Meeting – 7:30 pm @ Belmont Greene

 Oct 14-15        Trip to Ireland ticket sales at OLOH after all of the Masses

 Oct 21-22        Trip to Ireland ticket sales at OLOH after all of the Masses

 Oct 26             ½ Way to St. Patrick Party and Raffle Drawing @ O”Faolain’s – 6:30 to 10 pm.


Good morning Brothers.  I have attached the latest Calendar of events for your review and consideration.  You will note a number of opportunities to assist with our annual Fundraiser – please avail yourself to assist at one or more of the upcoming Masses, either with your Parish or helping a Brother out at another Parish.  Please do not leave it up to a “Few Good Men” of the Parish to do all of the lifting… numbers, there is strength!  Wear your green, your AOH badges and your enthusiasm in helping out YOUR Division over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you in advance.

As mentioned, tickets will be available at the meeting for purchase or for you to sell to friends and neighbors – again, don’t just leave this annual event up to someone else – our proceeds are used to support local tuition assistance to deserving Parochial school children, veteran support as well a missionary support to name just a few……..
We expect a couple of new members to join us tomorrow night – your presence will be appreciated to welcome the new Hibernians.  Refreshments and fraternity to follow….!
Jay McCarthy
Division President
AOH State Secretary
703 477-5934



Good evening Brothers.  It has been awhile since I got some news and a calendar out to you… apologies!  I have attached a calendar which brings us somewhat current.  I ask all of you, even those Brothers who I have not seen this past year, to do a couple of things for your Division in the next 5-6 weeks………..

Sell 10-12 raffle tickets.  For those of you who have already purchased, my sincere thanks.  For those who need to participate, tickets will be available both at the September and October meetings (see meeting dates on the attached calendar).  Gentlemen, you know the annual raffle remains our Division’s largest fund raiser to allow us to provide Tuition Assistance checks to needy parochial school children as well as to assist several SMA Missionary priests to name a few of our financial projects.  We currently have 80 Brothers within our Division; sales to date have involved less than 25% of our membership.  Please step up and be a part of our annual initiative!  Thank you………….
Assist in selling tickets during the Masses at St. Joseph, St. Theresa and Our Lady of Hope on the designated weekends noted on the calendar.  Brothers, in numbers there is strength!  In our case, it has been proven that the more men available to sell after a Mass results in a more profitable event.  Showing up in your green with an AOH Division badge along with some healthy Irish enthusiasm after a Mass or two can make all the difference in our results this year.  Do not leave it up to a couple of dedicated Brothers to handle all of the Masses………you are not even limited to assist at your own Parish; attending and assisting at a neighboring Parish is refreshing and memorable.  I will have the dates for you for St. Theresa and Our Lady of Hope right after the Officer’s meeting early next month.
Finally, plan to attend the 1/2 Way to St. Patrick’s Party at O’Faolain’s on Thursday, October 26th……get up right now and write it on you calendar……it is a fun night and one not to be missed!  Enough said……..
Early day for me tomorrow – Slainte’
Jay McCarthy
Division President
AOH VA State Secretary



3 thoughts on “Events

  1. Jay McCarthy

    The Sweats for Vets distribution has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 28th. The Medical Facility had a Flu concern on 1/7/2017 requiring the rescheduling..

    Jay McCarthy
    Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President


    Hello, can you add me to your mailing list or distro list please. Jay mentioned to me an event on 28 January in Martinsburg. How do I get some details?

    Joe O’Bryan


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