President’s Corner

Good morning Brothers.  I have attached the latest Calendar of events below for your review and consideration.  You will note a number of opportunities to assist with our annual Fundraiser – please avail yourself to assist at one or more of the upcoming Masses, either with your Parish or helping a Brother out at another Parish.  Please do not leave it up to a “Few Good Men” of the Parish to do all of the lifting… numbers, there is strength!  Wear your green, your AOH badges and your enthusiasm in helping out YOUR Division over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you in advance.
St. Joseph Church – this weekend after all of the Masses – 10/7 – 10/8.  I plan to be there for all Masses at this time – I need your help!!!!!
The next 2 weekends at Our Lady of Hope Church – after all of the Masses – 10/14-10/15  & 10/21-10/22
The 1/2 way to St. Patrick Party to follow on Thursday, 10/26 starting about 6:30 @ O’Faolain;s
Please help in some way – after a Mass or 2; buying tickets yourself; selling tickets to friends and acquaintance; participating in the Party on 10/26 – but in any event do something to support YOUR Division and OUR raffle/tuition assistance program……..!!!!!!!!!
Jay McCarthy
Division President
AOH State Vice President
703 477-5934


4 Oct 2017

Good morning everyone.  What a trip!  Before I ask a couple of things of you, I wanted to first of all Thank You all for the kind words you expressed to me via the notebook and for the Declaration of Independence keepsake.  I first read it thru tears…..I re-read it later with great pride and appreciation – Thank you again.  Secondly, I hope that all of you had an uneventful trip home as Margie & I did……..

While “the iron is hot” and our memories a somewhat clear, I wish to ask from ALL OF YOU a couple of things to enclose on our website;
Please send me 3 “Takeaways” about your experience in Ireland.  3-4 sentences max per takeaway.  A Takeaway is “something” that comes to mind when you reflect back on your 8 days on the Emerald Isle.  Funny, serious, reflective, etc…it doesn’t matter.  I would like to receive a Takeaway from every participant – the 27 of us, plus from Niall, Matt, and Dave Lawlor and his wonderful wife.
I would like to get your response within the next couple of weeks for possible inclusion in the next Chronicle edition and for the website.  IF I AM MISSING ANYONE ON THIS DISTRIBUTION (NIALL PLEASE COPY MATT IF YOU WOULD), please forward a copy to that individual.  I would like to get your response in a “1st person” tone……what was specifically memorable for YOU on this inaugural trip to Ireland.  Thank you!!!!

Secondly – pictures……..For several reasons, I would like to get an album (Digital album) together to include pic’s from all of you during our trip.  Send what you can to me……send in a ZIP file, set up a Snapfish account, send me a memory FOB…..whatever you can to get your special pictures included in the Inaugural Album.  All will get a copy of the final product – I would like to have this project completed by Thanksgiving time frame…the earlier the better.

Finally, stay in touch with your new friends and acquaintances.  You all shared a great experience the past week which should take the form of “Storytelling”….. something, we as Irishmen and Irishwomen and as Hibernians, have all been encouraged to do!

Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. President
AOH VA State Vice President
703 477-5934
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Subject: Irish gathering at O’Faolain’s last night

Good morning everyone.  Great evening at O’Faolains last night as we get closer to our Inaugural Division trip to Ireland.  Niall made a great presentation of the trip and distributed all of the necessary material including travel bags.  Those of you who were unable to attend should be receiving your material/bag in the mail shortly.  Let Niall or myself know if you do not receive the material in short order.  

So get ready….get excited… your research on where we are going…..practice pronouncing “Slainte'”……this trip will be a lot of fun!
Division President
AOH State Secretary
703 477-5934

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Subject: Re: Trip to Ireland gathering at O’Faolains on Thursday, August 31st

Corrected Sr. Judy’s email address.  See above.  Slainte‘  Jay


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Subject: Trip to Ireland gathering at O’Faolains on Thursday, August 31st

Slainte‘ everybody!  We are now approximately 1 month away from our Division’s inaugural trip to Ireland.  Are you starting to pack yet??!!  I thought it would be a good idea to get together (at least those of us in the area who are taking the trip) to “gather” sometime beforehand to get acquainted and to start comparing notes.  We plan to meet at O’Faolains Pub in Countryside on Thursday, August 31st about 6 pm for dinner, drinks and fraternity.  Dessert and a “wee dram” will be provided by the Division, dinner will be your responsibility.

Our Tour Arranger, Niall Leogue, will be attending to answer any questions you may have.  Niall will also be joining us on the Ireland trip!  For those of you who cannot join us on the 31st, please submit to me by email any/all questions you may have and I’ll get you a response following the gathering.  Since the initial printing of the trip brochure, Niall has “tweeked” the itinerary (all good tweeks) in order to have a more enjoyable/memorable visit to Ireland.  A printed revision will be made available shortly.
On the 2nd day in Killarney, some of us are “breaking off” of the planned itinerary to play a round of golf at the Killarney Golf and Fishing Club,, the Killeen Course.  Niall has secured 2 tee times at 10 am.  The round of golf and club rentals will be an extra charge for those interested in playing………right now, I am aware of Niall, myself, Bob Carmack, John Neel, Bob Fay and Cole Slattery – 6 interested in playing.  There is room for 2 should the 6 listed are still interested in playing.  All are welcome!  Please confirm as well as let me know if you’ll need right or left handed clubs.  Also, would you plan to carry, pull a cart or require a golf cart to ride……..I personally plan to use a pull cart.
Making the Division’s Inaugural Trip to Ireland;
Jay and Margie McCarthy
Bob and Linda Fay
David and Catherine Bobzien
Bob and Connie Anderson
Cole and Annette Slattery
Dan and Maureen Whalen
John and Lawrene Neel
James and Dale Hanlon
Matthew and Lynne Bilodeau
Dan and Irene Sullivan and son Ryan
Sr. Judith Fay
Sr. Kathleen Hickey
Catherine Driscoll
Caddie Tour Driver
Total 28
Regarding the gathering on 8/31, please RSVP regrets only to me.  Much appreciated.
This trip will be a blast…..start resting up……plan to take a lot of pictures!……..bone up on your Irish History…………practice pouring and enjoying an Irish single malt………plan to have fun!!!
Jay McCarthy
The Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH State Secretary
703 477-5934


12 Sep 2017

Good morning Brothers.  I have attached the latest Calendar of events for your review and consideration.  You will note a number of opportunities to assist with our annual Fundraiser – please avail yourself to assist at one or more of the upcoming Masses, either with your Parish or helping a Brother out at another Parish.  Please do not leave it up to a “Few Good Men” of the Parish to do all of the lifting… numbers, there is strength!  Wear your green, your AOH badges and your enthusiasm in helping out YOUR Division over the next couple of weeks.  Thank you in advance.

As mentioned, tickets will be available at the meeting for purchase or for you to sell to friends and neighbors – again, don’t just leave this annual event up to someone else – our proceeds are used to support local tuition assistance to deserving Parochial school children, veteran support as well a missionary support to name just a few……..
We expect a couple of new members to join us tomorrow night – your presence will be appreciated to welcome the new Hibernians.  Refreshments and fraternity to follow….!
Jay McCarthy
Division President
AOH State Secretary
703 477-5934


Good evening Brothers.  It has been awhile since I got some news and a calendar out to you… apologies!  I have attached a calendar which brings us somewhat current.  I ask all of you, even those Brothers who I have not seen this past year, to do a couple of things for your Division in the next 5-6 weeks………..

Sell 10-12 raffle tickets.  For those of you who have already purchased, my sincere thanks.  For those who need to participate, tickets will be available both at the September and October meetings (see meeting dates on the attached calendar).  Gentlemen, you know the annual raffle remains our Division’s largest fund raiser to allow us to provide Tuition Assistance checks to needy parochial school children as well as to assist several SMA Missionary priests to name a few of our financial projects.  We currently have 80 Brothers within our Division; sales to date have involved less than 25% of our membership.  Please step up and be a part of our annual initiative!  Thank you………….
Assist in selling tickets during the Masses at St. Joseph, St. Theresa and Our Lady of Hope on the designated weekends noted on the calendar.  Brothers, in numbers there is strength!  In our case, it has been proven that the more men available to sell after a Mass results in a more profitable event.  Showing up in your green with an AOH Division badge along with some healthy Irish enthusiasm after a Mass or two can make all the difference in our results this year.  Do not leave it up to a couple of dedicated Brothers to handle all of the Masses………you are not even limited to assist at your own Parish; attending and assisting at a neighboring Parish is refreshing and memorable.  I will have the dates for you for St. Theresa and Our Lady of Hope right after the Officer’s meeting early next month.
Finally, plan to attend the 1/2 Way to St. Patrick’s Party at O’Faolain’s on Thursday, October 26th……get up right now and write it on you calendar……it is a fun night and one not to be missed!  Enough said……..
Early day for me tomorrow – Slainte’
Jay McCarthy
Division President
AOH VA State Secretary


Good morning Brothers.  The Col. Cunningham Division is in good standing (with respect to tax exemption status).  Slainte’


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Sent: Thu, Jun 1, 2017 5:51 am
Subject: FW: Tax Exempt and EIN Status by state and division

                Please see attached email from the National Treasurer, Sean Pender, which indicates that your Division’s tax exempt status has been revoked by the Internal Revenue Service.  Please follow the directions provided in the attachments as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to contact the State Board should you need further assistance.
                Please also keep the State Board advised of your progress on this most critical issue.
In Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity,
Eugene J. Bransfield, Sr., KCHS
President, Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians in America
“Living the Faith of Our Fathers”
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Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2017 1:50 AM
To: Chief Judge James F. McKay; ‘Bill Gallagher’; Bill Gaughan; ‘Bob King’; Charles Lamont; ‘Daniel P. McGinley’; Daniel P. McGowan; Edward Halligan; Eugene J. Bransfield, Sr.; HON. JIMMY KUHN; James Cahill; ‘James Haney’; James Ryan; Jay Linahan; ‘Jeff Fisher’; Jeffrey Rodenberg; Jeremiah Ryan; Jim Lawracy; Jimmy O’Halligan; John O’Dwyer; John Patrick Walsh; Joseph Dougherty; JOSEPH NORTON; Kevin Burke; Michael Farley; Michael J. Martin; Michael Welsh; Paul F. Hogan, Jr.; Robert E. Mehrens; Robert Simpson; Ronald J. Hagan; Sean V. Hughes; T. Shawn Lundie; Thomas K. McDonough; Tim Ryan; ‘Timothy McSweeney’; Wick Rudd; Bob Harper; George Beckett (; George Rogers; John Addy; John Donovan; John Gallagher; John Lahey; Joseph Flanagin; Joseph Hosie; Larry Prelle; Michael Kelly; Michael McConnell; Ray Lynch; Sean Kennedy; Steve McEnaney; Tim Burns; Vic Vogel; William Halpin; DANIEL O’CONNELL; JERE COLE
Cc: ‘TOM O’DONNELL’; ‘Greg Sean Canning’; ‘‘; ”DENNY PARKS’ (’; ‘Bill Sullivan’; ‘John’
Subject: Tax Exempt and EIN Status by state and division
    Hoping this finds you all well.
As we continue the process of moving towards IRS tax exempt status and valid EIN status for all divisions and boards, I wanted to forward to our state officers and National Board members a spreadsheet that includes the status of all divisions in the country.  (A subsequent update will be sent for county and state boards).
The attached excel spreadsheet includes a filter that allows the user to sort by state, simply open the excel spreadsheet, go to column A, row two, and sort by state.  If any state would like a copy of just your individual state, please reply with requested state and I will send.
I am hoping you can use this information at your upcoming state conventions.
I am working with the secretary’s office to send out a customized letter to all divisions and boards, informing them of their status and the next steps they need to follow.
Overall we have 366 divisions
146 divisions have had their tax exempt status revoked. They need to follow the instructions as detailed in the joint letter President McKay and I sent out in April and the tax exempt reinstatement options (both attached) to regain tax exempt status and to be added back as a valid subordinate unit to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America parent organization 11-1548590, GEN number 0832
141 divisions have valid tax exempt status, they just need to remember to file taxes yearly by May 15th to maintain status and classification as a valid subordinate unit to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America parent organization 11-1548590, GEN number 0832
36   divisions as noted on the attached spreadsheet will be asked to contact the National Board to validate that they have filed taxes and have valid tax exempt status, once confirmed they will be added as a valid subordinate unit to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America parent organization 11-1548590, GEN number 0832
32  divisions have been identified as not having valid EIN numbers and need to immediately acquire an EIN number so that they can be added as a valid subordinate unit to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America parent organization 11-1548590, GEN number 0832
11 divisions have EIN numbers or names that do not match what is on file with the IRS and will be asked to contact the National Board to clarify.
As leaders of our organization, we need your help to educate our divisions and boards on the importance of our entire organization being compliant with IRS tax exempt rules and regulations.
Thank you for your support
Sean Pender



Good morning Brothers. Before we get into the new month (already!), I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to numerous Brothers who stepped up to make several of the events We, The AOH, took part in the past couple of weeks, resulting in successful events – Events we can all be proud of!

January 11 – The 1st Degree (The Shamrock Degree) – as witnessed by Brother JJ Kelly, National Ceremonials and Degree Director, several Brothers took their 1st Degree that evening. In all, 34 Brothers were in attendance that night to either take or witness The Shamrock Degree. My thanks to those Brothers who handled the logistics and participated in conducting the Degree with me. It was a very special night and one that JJ said was “definitely 1st Class all around”; Thank you!

January 21 – VA AOH State Quarterly Officers Meeting & Major Degree – 76 Brothers, of which 24 including our Division Chaplain Fr. Joseph Farrell, took part in either the State Meeting and/or the Major Degree this day. At least 12 Brothers from our Division, led by VP Cole Slattery, made sure all of the before/during/after logistics were taken care of during the 8 hour program. Further, Brother Bob Connors and Brother Francis Thornton, along with his crew from O’Faolain’s made sure that no one went hunger during the course of the day! As an added treat (and one not to be forgotten by those in attendance), a Jameson “Irish Taste Testing” was organized by Brother Francis following the ceremonial. As stated by a few of my fellow State Officers in attendance, “The Cunningham Division has now set the Bar Higher” for future meetings and degrees in the state! As your President, I was sincerely humbled and appreciative for the “espirit de corps” that occurred that entire day. Thank you gentlemen!

January 27 – Right for Life Mass and March in DC – I had the privilege of escorting Bishop Micheal Burbidge as part of the Mass @ GMU for the 7,000 young adults in town from across the Country for the Right for Life March in DC later that day. Several Brothers availed themselves at the March to show support for the Unborn. As a friend/PGK would say…..You are “Christ in Action” today. Thank you!

January 28 – Sweats for Vet’s distribution n Martinsburg WVA – where to begin…………Several Brothers, some with their family, assisted in the distribution of over 800 Sweat outfits, socks, “Thank you for your Service” greeting cards(over 500!) made by students from St. Joseph and OLOH Catholic Schools, and more importantly, a hand shake or a hug for the 500 + Veterans in attendance. Your Division provided $1,000, along with an additional $100 from some of the Brothers. Further, our Division provided 31 Sweat Outfits as part of the total 800. Brother Mike, Dave and Dennis………..a special Thanks for your continued generosity with this program! An additional $500 was presented to the VA Medical Center by me on behalf of AOH VA. This day will definitely make for lasting memories for those in attendance. As Tim, the VA Director, remarked to me later in the day………”You should be very proud of your Brothers and their families today. This meant so much to the Vet’s today.” Thank you Brothers!

I have attached a couple of pics. Brothers Bob Anderson and Bob Connors will post more in the Chronicles and Website shortly.

Rest up in February Brothers; we have a big month of events planned in March!


Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH VA State Secretary
703 477-5934



Division meeting and Shamrock Degree:  Adding to President McCarthy’s message, during the officers’ meeting last night, we discussed the logistical details for next Wednesday’s, 11 January Division meeting and Shamrock Degree. If you have not received the privilege of participating in this entry level degree, please consider attending this brief and inspirational ceremony that acquaints the Brotherhood with the principals and purpose of our Order. Attending the Shamrock Degree is a prerequisite for attending the Major Degree (also known as the Round Tower Degree).

State meeting and Major Degree: On Saturday, 21 January at St. Theresa’s parish hall located at 21370 St. Theresa Ln, Ashburn, VA., the Cunningham Division will host the AOH State Board quarterly meeting beginning at 9:00 (all card carrying members welcome). We could use some help from any available Brothers with the setting up, flexible execution, and cleanup for the day’s events. The State meeting will be followed by lunch for all catered by O’Faolain’s. After lunch and beginning at 1:00 PM, Virginia’s own, Brian Boru Degree team will host an exemplification of the Major Degree. Registration for the Degree candidates begins at 1100. All Brothers, bring your membership cards and Degree candidates bring $25.00 cash or a check in that amount made out to the Brian Boru Degree team.

Coordinating Instructions: We not only invite but encourage all Brothers of the Division to attend and participate in the Major Degree. Appropriate attire is the order of the day; collared shirt and sport coat (green if you have one but not required) or collared service polo shirt will do (no jeans please). If you have already attained the Major Degree, consider attending as an observer, the more the merrier. If you have yet to attain the Major Degree, this is your best opportunity to do so locally. Attached is a study guide for Degree candidates to use in preparation for the Major Degree (no preparation is required for the Shamrock Degree). Don’t be intimidated Brothers, read the study guide a few times and you will be fine. There is no written test. I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy the lessons imparted to you and your classmates and will forevermore cherish the overall experience.

RSVP: Please let me know if you plan on attending as an observer (Major Degree card holder) or as a candidate for taking the Major Degree. It is critical that we get an overall accurate headcount to accommodate food and drink preparation. The Major Degree will be followed by a fraternal social and a complementary Jameson’s tasting. The full day events should conclude around 3:30. If time is an issue, don’t let that hold you back from participating in the Degree. If you register before the scheduled 1:00 start time, you should be released no later than 2:45 and can get back to you families and on with your day.

To date, I have only heard back from three (3) Brothers of their intent to participate in the Degree, we certainly have room for more! Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing back, from you soon.


J. Cole Slattery

Vice President

COL Thomas J. Cunningham Division

Ashburn, VA

Good evening Brothers. On behalf of your Brother Hibernians, I sincerely wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

On a Division level, in order to get you off to a great start, we will be hosting both a Shamrock Degree as well as a Major Degree in January to aid many of you in honoring the pledge you took at the time of your initiation to the Hibernians, specifically, “You, brothers, having made this promise of your own free will, I hereby declare you, each and all, members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and commend you to the friendship of its members, subject, however, to the condition that you receive the Lessons, and take the test of the Order in the Shamrock and Major Degrees.”

The Shamrock Degree will take place as part of our Monthly meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 @ 7:30 pm at the Belmont Greene facility. We expect to have some new members in attendance that night so your availability would be most appreciated! A fitting “Good of the Order” will follow the business meeting…………..

The Major Degree will take place on Saturday, January 21st @ 1 pm at St. Theresa Parish in Ashburn. Sign-in will begin at 11 am; a complimentary Irish lunch provided by O’Faolain’s Pub will begin at 11;30; Degree to start promptly at 1 pm; following the Degree at 2:30, we will have complimentary appetizer and some fine single malt! There is a $25 charge for this Degree payable to the Brian Boru Degree Team, known to be the finest Degree Team in the Order.

Our Division maintains a roster of those who have taken the respective Degrees in the past. Currently 42% of our membership have yet to make their Shamrock Degree and 64% of our membership have yet to make their Major Degree. Candidly, these are 2 percentages that I am not very proud of…..If you do not recall making either of these Degrees, you make up part of the % stated above. You are encouraged to make both of the Degrees in January. If timing/conflicts exist, you are then encouraged to at least make the Major Degree on the 21st; if $$ is an issue, contact me or Brother Cole (V.P.) to see what can be worked out. Gentlemen, a lot of work goes into making these Degrees possible – having both in the area next month is a rare opportunity – Please do your part to take part!

For logistic purposes, I ask that you RSVP Brother Cole of your intent to participate. His e-mail is listed above.

Those Brothers who have already made their Major degree are also encouraged to come and be part of the experience – there is no charge to be an observer.

Brothers, Let’s start the new year off on the right track……..I sincerely look forward to seeing you in the upcoming weeks!


Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH VA State Secretary
703 477-5934




On Oct 9, 2016, at 7:32 PM, wrote:

Good evening Brothers. We are about 18 days away from the Annual “1/2 way to St. Patrick’s” to be held at O’Faolain’s (Thursday, October 27th, starting about 6:30ish with the drawing at 9 pm.). Efforts so far to sell the tickets has been very good so far when you consider that a couple of our annual selling events have been either too hot (Ballyshaner festival – attendance was about 1/2 the normal size) or not as productive (other sales through Divisions in which the profit is split). Even with these shortcomings, we remain on a track where we may “best” our previous sales – in order to do this, we need YOUR participation over the next couple of weeks. Specifically;

I currently have 260 unsold tickets in my possession – this represents a potential $2,400 to $2,600 in revenue should they be sold between now and the 27th. Some of you may also have some unsold tickets in your possession. I will have the tickets at this week’s meeting at Belmont Greene for your purchase or for you to pick up and have them sold by the 27th. If you have bought/sold tickets so far this year – THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS/SUPPORT OF YOUR DIVISION – if you can do more between now and then, please step up and let me know……….

As for my fellow Brothers that have yet to sell any tickets to date or have yet to purchase them directly, it is not too late to ASSIST WITH THIS MAJOR INITIATIVE BY YOUR DIVISION! Come to the meeting and pick up some tickets – if you can’t stay for the entire meeting, I will excuse you in order to get the tickets sold. I intentionally decided not to send out blank tickets to all Division members this year in hopes of getting them sold – between mailing costs and the ticket reprint costs incurred with this approach, I felt it was not feasible. Candidly, I wanted to get to meet all of my fellow members sometime over the year at one of the meetings……..I figure I have only seen at best 50% of you – If you haven’t seen me in the past year or so – YOU ARE PART OF THE 50% I AM REFERRING TO AT THIS TIME……..please come by this Wednesday evening at 7:30 to join us in a BRIEF meeting and to enjoy some very good refreshments and fraternity – AND PICK UP SOME TICKETS TO BE SOLD BY THE 27TH!

YOUR Division has an annual challenge/opportunity to support Catholic Education (tuition grants to aspiring 8th graders at several of the local Catholic grade schools), Veterans (Sweats for Vets – Martinsburg Project) and our Priests (SMA Missionary support) to name a few. The needs get greater each year which is why I will not – nor will your DIVISION – be satisfied until all of our tickets are sold. I WANT EVERY BROTHER TO BE IN THE GAME, AND NOT ON THE SIDELINE, FOR THIS ANNUAL AOH DIVISION INITIATIVE. THIS IS WHY WE BECAME A MEMBER OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS………..

Finally, I wish to once again thank those of you who have already taken an active part in selling tickets to date, whether it be at O’Faolains on St. Patrick’s Day or at one of the events during the year or at one of the Churches on a blitz weekend. You know who you are – you make all of us look good in the eyes of the AOH State and AOH National offices but more importantly, your efforts have allowed us to meet our commitments to the opportunities mentioned above. Thank you gentlemen – as well as ladies!

I hope to see all of you at the meeting this week – our goal among other things will be to run out of refreshments!


Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
AOH State Secretary

703 477-5934



On Jun 4, 2016, at 8:09 PM, wrote:

Good evening Brothers. I have attached the updated Calendar of Events for the Cunningham Division. I hope all of you will make an effort to attend one of our meetings or participate in an event or two over the next couple of months. If not, I’d like to hear from you as to why not………meeting time is not good, no transportation to the meeting or event, health issues, or just not interested any more……I’d like to know so we can help out or understand better what we can do as an AOH Division………..

For those Brothers that have not been around lately, your Division now boasts of approximately 75 members and has been recognized by state as one of the most active Division’s the past couple of years. The Quarterly Cunningham Chronicles, published by Brother Bob Anderson, is viewed as one of the best periodicals published throughout the National AOH Order! The new Chronicle will be out shortly. Your Division’s website, maintained by Brother Bob Connors, is up to date and 1st rate! Your Division has taken part in several new Veteran initiatives, including participation with Honor Flights coming into DC, Sweats for Vet’s, as well as hosting dinners for local “Wounded Warriors”………..we plan to do more but can use your assistance………..

Your Division is now privileged to have Fr. Joseph Farrell from OLOH Parish join OUR Division as its new Chaplain! We are truly blessed to have Fr. Farrell become an AOH Col. Cunningham Division member/officer…..

Over the past 3 months and until notice, YOUR Division holds a raffle each month at the meeting……….if your name is drawn AND YOU ARE PRESENT, you receive a Good bottle of single malt, compliments of your Division. If you are not present, you are notified and invited to attend the following month’s meeting in order to collect (and possibly share) with your fellow Brothers. If not claimed, the bottle “rolls over” to the next winner. This is simply an attempt to encourage all Brothers to attend a meeting occasionally………….please help make this effort successful!

Finally, final plans are being worked out to have a Division wide Trip to Ireland in September, 2017. It is not late to get into the discussion and hopefully participation with this endeavor next year. At least 25 AOH members and quests have “signed on” to participate………….

On a very positive note, I truly wish to thank many of you for your dedication and selfless efforts over the past 6 months in making OUR division the pride of the State! Special thanks go out to Brother Francis Thornton and his fine staff at O’Faolain’s who always makes us feel comfortable there and has provided MANY a great dinner, not only for us, but for our Wounded Warriors……… and your family are encouraged to support this fine local establishment…….Thank you Sir!


In Our Motto

Jay McCarthy
President, Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division
AOH State Secretary
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Good Sunday to all of you Brothers! You are reminded (as well as invited) to join your fellow AOH Brothers and their families at the Division Corporate Communion to be held at 12:15 pm at Our Lady of Hope Church in Potomac Falls on Sunday, May 15th (2 weeks from today). Our new Chaplain, Fr. Farrell, will be our Celebrant. This Mass will give many of you an opportunity to meet and thank our new Chaplain for stepping up to fill some “big shoes” left by Fr. Timothy as well as to give Thanks to God collectively for all of the good things we are blessed with through our Division. We all have an obligation to attend weekly Mass as practical Catholics – Your Division Officers hope that you will make it a point to take part on May 15th. Thank you. If a ride or any other logistic assistance is require – please let me know in advance.

Following the Mass, your Division, hosted by Brother Francis at O’Faolain’s, there will be a St. Brendan Celebration Brunch. Details and reservation information will be sent to you shortly by your Division VP, Cole Slattery. For those of you who had the privilege of joining us in March for the Jameson/O’Faolain dinner, you know what you are in for at this Brunch! There will be limited seating so plan and get your reservation into Cole ASAP! For example………..

Jay & Margie McCarthy – we are in….would’t miss it!

Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Jr. Division President
VA AOH State Secretary
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Good morning Brothers. My apologies for being somewhat tardy in getting this calendar out to you. It has been very busy times for your Division these past couple of months! I will provide you with a copy of the Division Quarterly report shortly. As AOH VA State Secretary, I am currently attempting to get in all of the reports from my peers in prep for the Quarterly meeting in ROANOKE in 2 weeks. Let’s just say it is like rounding up cats…………God, please give me patience!

As for what is going on with YOUR DIVISION…………….



The Annual Division Poor Man’s Golf outing is now scheduled for Friday, July 8th (afternoon starting time to be determined). Again, mark your calendar now to participate – golf, corn hole, BBQ, prizes, great fraternity!

Our annual ticket sales for a trip for 2 to Ireland is off to a great start! I look to all Brothers to be involved with this event! Please plan to sell/buy 10 tickets to support your Division and to make our annual Scholarship initiatives a big success! Tickets are available at the meetings – please pick up in order for us to lessen mailing costs. Thank you!


In Our Motto…………..

Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Division President
AOH VA State Secretary
703 477-5934


The following is a message from newly elected Cunningham Division President Jay McCarthy

January 31, 2016

Good day my Brother Hibernians of the Thomas J. Cunningham Division!

First of all, my apologies for the rather late letter to you in as much as I have been your newly elected President officially since January 13th. In short, a long awaited family cruise to the Caribbean (it was fantastic) followed by getting “stuck” in Florida an extra 4 days due to the weather in NVA (we made the most of the 70* weather), and then addressing 904 e-mails upon my return to NVA (I do turn off my cell phone when I am on vacation), I have finally gotten to the point of getting some correspondence completed.

Secondly, I am privileged to serve as your new Division President for the upcoming term! We as a Division are blessed with a lot of talented and committed Brothers who will serve in a significant position as either an Officer or a Project Chairman to continue the success and achievements already accomplished (our Division continues to be one of the most active Divisions in the state, year after year…..) Which brings me to my next point…………

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Brother Bob Fay for a fantastic 2 year run as the previous Division President. Bob’s enthusiasm and “Irish spirit” came across so often with all of the events conducted by our Division. I sincerely hope that I can at least maintain the momentum that Bob has generated over the past few years. Which brings me to my next point……..

I can honestly say that I know most of you in our Division. We now have over 70 members. Through AOH meetings, events, a drink or two at O’Faolain’s, or through the Knights of Columbus for many of you, I have had the privilege of fraternity with you and continue to look forward to more fraternity. Candidly, this is the main reason why I ran for Division President. However, there remains a number of Brother AOH members that I must admit I do not know (or have not seen for many a year – you know who you are!) I’d like to fix that this year……….consider this a cordial welcome to reengage with your Division in some way. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month; we will shortly have a list of upcoming events for your consideration; we want to hear from you! At a minimum, please keep your dues current. This allows our Division to meet not only State and National assessments but allows us to continue to deliver needy scholarships for instance to many deserving Parochial school children and to support local Veterans issues. Thanks in advance – the process of collecting past due fees is a time consuming event for some of your Brother Hibernians.

Finally, as for the monthly meetings, we have attempted to keep the business side crisp and relevant to allow for more Good of the Order time (a bit of Irish History, good appetizers, good drinks, a fun raffle, and above all, good fraternity). You are invited to participate and share your thoughts and good will………..

Sincerely, I want to thank all our officers and chairmen for their service and all of our Brothers for their support as we look forward to continuing another terrific year for the Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Division in 2016!

In our Motto,

Jay McCarthy
Col. Thomas J. Cunningham Division, AOH 44LO01 VA and AOH State Secretary


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